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— woolen overcoatings for wool coats

Wool overcoatings fabrics are the best choice for men’s wool coats or women coats

There are two kinds of wool overcoatings fabrics, one hair is long, and the other will be shorter. And we can produce both recycled wool overcoatings or fresh wool overcoatings.

dark camel wool overcoating


(brown wool overcoatings fabrics)birdeye wool overcoting fabric


(mixed wool overcoatings fabrics)camle recycled wool overcoating


(camel wool overcoatings fabrics)red wool woolen overcoating fabric


(red wool overcoatings fabrics)gray wool overcoating fabrics


(grey wool overcoatings fabrics)grey wool woollen overcoatings


(dark grey wool overcoatings fabrics)grey wool twill woolen overcoating fabrics

(twill wool overcoatings fabrics)

dark brown wool woolen overcoating

(dark camel wool overcoatings fabrics)

Wool overcoatings fabrics can also made into two layers, we call wool double face overcoating fabrics.