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woolen twill flannel jacket fabrics

This is twill wool woolen flannel fabrics with various colors. Wool flannel is a kind of very light weight wool woven fabrics, it is used for wool jackets. Our wool flannel factory can produce using fresh wool materials or recycled wool materials. It is depend on client’s requirement to use what kind of wool materials.

Normally, recycled wool materials are upcycling and eco friendly to enviroment. It is cheaper than fresh wool product and much welcomed by the ECO branded garments.

black wool woolen flannel fabric
navy wool woven flannel fabric
dark navy wool woven flannel jacket fabric
red purple wool woven fabric
green wool woven flannel fabrics
grey wool woven fabrics
dark grey wool woven fabrics
light grey twill wool flannel fabric
black recycled wool twill flannel fabric for jacets
dark gray wool flannel fabric for jackets
red wool woollen flannle fabric manufactuer
yellow wool woven fabric
pink wool twill fabric supplier
green wool woven fabric

We accept custom design wool fabrics to develope or sourcing, from fabrics t ogarments. We have many wool flannel manufactuers to produce different colors and quality wool flannel fabrics.

Looking forward to work with any interesting clients, you are welcome to contact us at any time.