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Feather yarn

Main part of the feather is core wire, feather yarn is made from viscose,

nylon, acrylic and polyester fibers.

fibers for feather yarns

The fabrics made from feather yarn is thick and durable.

The suede of its fabric can keep plump and erect with good bulkiness and glossiness.

classical feather yarn colors

Because of the directional distribution of hairiness, the fabric is not only smooth but also full of decorative effect.

As a feather yarn supplier, we can export to worldwide.

Yarn Name: Feather Yarn

Yarn Colors: solid, multi, space dyed, spray dyed, pattern dyeing, custom

Yarn Composition: polyester, nylon

Yarn Package: custom, on hanks, on cones, on balls

Yarn Count: 1NM ~ 60NM, custom

Yarn Usage: hand knitting, sweater knitting, scarves, hats, caps, cardigans, ect…

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