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–recycled wool fabric garment

Besides wool double faced coats, we can make woollen jacket in bonded wool fabrics, that is wool+foam+single jersey fabric. 

For woolen double face fabrics, it need both sides the same fabric, or different colors. But for woolen bonded fabrics, it can choose whatever recycled wool fabrics or woolen fabrics as face, and bonded with garment use foam, and single jersey fabrics, only for single jersey, we can use RPET to make.

The advantage of this fabrics are the same as wool double face coats, no need to sew linings, just shell fabrics.

It looks clean and confortable.

men's woolen jacket with reyclced wool fabric

For lady style of this kinds of fabrics, you can find it here.

Fabric details:

60% recycled wool fabric 40%other fibers

foam, around 2~3mm thickness

single jersey, 100%RPET

Garment details:

no MOQ qty

can be order 1pcs as Bespoke.

We can help clients to make woolen jackets with small qty, from sourcing fabrics to garments to shipping.

You are welcomed to contact us.