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— recycled wool fabric mill’s production steps

Recycled Wool Matrials:

They are from used wool clothings, waste wool yarns of weaving mills, cutting waste from wool garments factory.

used wool garments and wasted wool cuttings

(wool materials for recycled wool fabric)

Mills will sorted wool materials in different wool percentage and colors by hand. So colors, and wool percentages are two very important poinst for these recycled woolen fabrics.

sorted recycled wool materials into colors

(hand sort for recycled wool fabric)

Recycled Wool Spinning

After sorted, they will be send spinning mills to make into wool yarns.

sorted reycled wool materials

(yarn making for recycled wool fabric)

then after several steps of spinnig

spinning wool materials workshop

(spinning for recycled wool fabric)

wool yarns are ready to be weaved.

recycled wool woolen yarns

(finished yarns for recycled wool fabric)

Recycled Wool Fabrics Weaving

now it will be design and weaving in weaving mills.

recycled wool fabrics weaving

(weave prepare for recycled wool fabric)

Recycled Wool Fabrics Finishing

finally, reycled wool fabrics greige goods are ready to be finished.

recycled woolen fabric shrinke in finish mill

(make the greige recycled wool fabric loose for later process)

Recycled Wool Fabrics

(final recycled wool fabric)

Recycled Wool Coats

(recycled wool fabric women coat)

Recycled wool fabric is also called recycled woolen fabrics, recycled woven fabrics, it is used from used materials, it saves the environment and the wool materials can be reused again and again.

The outlooking of recycled wool fabrics are the same as fresh wool woolen fabrics, but handfeeling is even more better due to the repeat produce makes the wool fibre shorter as fresh status.

Now the China recycled wool fabrics are welcomed by worldwide garment brands, not because the cheaper prices but also for the enviroment, so as the recycle wool fabrics produce bases, we are happy to promote these kinds of woven fabrics globally.

We are open to sourcing, copying, developing and shipping all kinds of recycled wool fabric for clients. And we can also produce recycled wool coats, wool jackets for clients.

If interesting in recycled wool fabric, please contact us.