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— wool cashmere ready goods/stock

These designs are produced for various clients from worldwide, used for winter coats or jackets.

The fabrics are all 10cashmere with very soft handfeeling.

wine red 90wool 10cashmere wool fabric stock 90w10cashmere wool fabric stock in light grey color navy 90wool 10cashere ready goods wool fabric men's wool cashmere fabric for cocats in navy stripe navy 90wool 10cashmere for jackets grey 90wool10cashmere wool fabric stock camel wool cashmere fabric supplier dark grey wool cashmere fabric for women coats black wool cashmere fabric for winter coat silver women wool cashmere for coats green wool cashmere wool stock fabric light camel 90wool 10cashmere fabric for lady coats beige wool cashmere fabric for women coats light green wool cashmere stock blue wool cashmere fabric for winter coat women pink camel wool cashmere fabric stocklots blended grey wool cashere fabric for men's wool coats women wool cashmere ready g oods for coats navy heavy wool cashmere double sided fabric dark navy light weight wool cashmere fabric stock dark navy wool cashmere stock for men's coats

We can also produce wool cashmere fabrics  for clients according to samples.

We can add cashmere from 0 to 100. High quality and luxury wool cashmere products.