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–light colors for men’s worsted wool suiting

Worsted wool suiting are fabrics for suits and jackets. It has various desings and colors, here you can see some classical colors and designs.

As worsted wool suiting are almost all fresh wool, the price is different every month.

worsted wool suiting

(women’s worsted wool suiting)

stripe worsted wool fabric

(men’s worsted wool suiting)

men's suits fabric

(wool mixed worsted wool suiting)

wool check fabric for men's suis solid wool fabric from china

(classic worsted wool suiting)

blue worsed wool fabric

(blue worsted wool suiting)


we have a white yarn workshop for light colors worsted wool suiting, especially white worsted wool fabric.

We can supply both wool ready fabrics and wool stock fabrics. From garment mills leftover or overrun worsted wool suiting orders.

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