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— wool knitted fabric for women’s wool coats

Wool knitted fabric is confirtable for women’s wool coats, use light colors, with check design, and bonded with different kinds of fabrics on back.

blue wool knited fabric with black bonded fabric(wool knitted fabric with black bonded fabric)

blue wool knit fabric with film

(wool knitted fabric in blue black check with film)

dark grey wool knit fabric with black poly fabric

(wool knitted fabric black grey check with black poly fabric)

light grey pink check wool knit fabric

(wool knitted fabric in light grey with pink check bonded with film)

With these factors, the women’s wool coats designers can get more choices for even same design.

The wool knitted fabric is wool mixed, we can develope different designs in different wool percentage to meet prices, handfeeling etc…

You can send us original wool knitted fabric to copy or sourcing similar ones.

If need more wool knitted fabric information, you can contact us.