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— wool jacket recycled wool fabrics

We provide all kinds of reycled wool fabrics for wool jackets. The design can be soild, stripe, check or fancy. Colors from dark colors to light colors.

These reycled wool fabrics are made from recycled wool materials, which reused for wool jackets.

white check design fabric

(white check fabric reycled wool fabrics)

small wool check design fabric

(small white check reycled wool fabrics)

men's wool jacket white checks

(small white check men’s wool woolen jacket)

fancy check wool fabric

(fancy color reycled wool fabrics)

fancy women's wool woolen jacket

(fancy wool woolen women’s jacket)

three stripes white check design fabric

(three striped reycled wool fabrics)

three striped wool jacket for men's wear

(three white striped wool jacket)


China recycled wool fabrics, ready goods, stock lots, overrun recycled wool fabrics etc… We help clients from developing to production.From fabrics to garments.

If you are interesting in recycled wool fabrics, please contact us.