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— pp with wool

properties of polypropylene

-. Comfortable
Fiber itself is not getting wet at all, has the unique property that immediately discharged out of the fabric with water vapor state. Therefore, the skin maybe dry
and comfortable feel that during or after exercise.

Exclusion Ratio of Sweat(Keep Dryness)
Polypropylene 1000
Polyester 125
Polyacrylic 31
Nylon 11
Cotton 6
Viscose Rayon 4
Wool 3

-. Warm
Throughout the naturl / synthetic fiber.It got the lowest thermal conductivity.
Therefore less heat loss, keeps the body temperature constant.

Isolation Grade (Keeping Body Temperature)
Polyproplene 10.0
Wool 9.4
Polyester 8.5
Nylon 6.6
Viscose Rayon 5.6
Cotton 3.6

-. Pure
Since it’s the activity of polymer, do not react to smell, blood, dirt chmicals.
It is very stable even for static electricity.

-. Light Weight
The lightest weight from the Textiles of Clothes. Even floats in water. It is only 60%
of the cotton weight, about 80% of Nylon, and 66% of polyester one. On the other hand, even the fabric of the same weight, ratio is low, an excellent Bulky.

Specific Gravity
Polypropylene 0.91
Nylon 1.15
Wool 1.32
Polyester 1.38
Viscose Rayon 1.52
Cotton 1.54

-. Secure(Anti-Microbial)
It do not provide an enviroment in which to Bacteria, Mold and the like.
It is safe from them.

Moisture Regain %
Polypropylene 0.0
Polyester 0.4
Nylon 4.5
Cotton 8.5
Wool 13.6

-. Convenient(Quick Dry)
Water does not penetrate into the interior of fibers.
We can let it dropped just shake.
The washing is easy and faster dry speed.

Moisture Regain %
Polypropylene 0.0
Polyester 0.4
Nylon 4.5
Cotton 8.5
Wool 13.6

Here are some wool blended PP fabrics.

ZS-SW-6-29SW71PP-145G ZS-SW-7-28SW72PP-275G ZS-SW-8-25SW75PP-225G ZS-SW-9-34SW66PP-145G ZS-SW-10-34SW66PP-245G ZS-SW-11-29SW71PP-265 ZS-SW-12-35SW65PP-135G ZS-SW-13-28SW72PP-275 ZS-SW-14-42SW58PP-285G ZS-SW-15-34SW66PP-285G ZS-SW-16-34NW66PP-275G ZS-SW-17-28NW72PP-255G ZS-SW-18-17NW17A66PP-275G ZS-SW-2-43SW57PP-145G ZS-SW-1-29SW71PP-145G ZS-SW-3-34SW66PP-305G ZS-SW-4-34SW66PP-155G ZS-BS-5-80BS20PP-215G