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Napping Yarns

— napping yarns are hairy and bulky yarn

Napping yarns are surrounded by tiny fuzz that’s why we call it Napping Yarns.

Napping yarns are a fancy yarn, we are napping yarns supplier from China.

We has produced napping yarns and other fancy yarns for many years. These napping yarns have some properties, such as: superior handle, good hygroscopicity, elasticity, high gas permeability, great warmth retention property, aright comfort, unique tailoring effect and so on.

1 sample of napping yarn 2 sample of napping yarn

(napping yarns colorcard)

(coffee color napping yarns)

(white napping yarns)

(red napping yarns)

(nappingyarnsintube)napping yarn fibres

(details of napping yarns)

This kind of napping yarns are suitable for knitting sweaters, scarves and other fabrics for spring, autumn and winter clothing.

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