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— men’s wool knit jacket fabric composite fabric on back

This wool knit fabric is for men’s wool knit jacket fabric, the same wool knit jacket fabric can use different composite fabric. See below composite fabric.

wool knit 3d black poly fabric

(wool knit jacket fabric + black 3d composite fabric)

wool knit fabric single jersey black

(wool knit jacket fabric + black single jersey composite fabric)

white sherpa composite wool knit

(wool knit jacket fabric + white sherpa composite fabric)

wool knit fabric with film composite

(wool knit fabric + film composite fabric)

men’s wool knit jacket fabric:

  • weight: around 500 ~ 600g/m
  • composition: wool blended
  • used for: spring/autumn season

Composite fabric:

  • woven polyester fabric
  • non wool knit fabric
  • function film( waterproof)

We can use this wool knit jacket fabric from spring/automn to winter with the composite fabric. It is widely used for different kinds of men’s wool knit jacket.