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Hound’s Tooth recycled woolen fabrics

— recycled woolen fabrics for jackets

These hound’s tooth fabrics, dogtooth or pied-de-poule recycled woolen fabrics are made from recycled wool materials which is eco-friendly.

The recycled wool materials are coming from waste wool yarns, waste wool fabric cuttings from garment mills, waste wool garments ect…

We can make in different recycled woolen fabrics composition and different weights but in the same design.

From 10wool90others to 95wool 5others recycled woolen fabrics.

To meet diffent price levels and wool jacket designs, it is welcomed by worldwide garment brands and textile agents.

dogtooth woolen fabric for jacket

(recycledwoolenfabricswithdifferentcolors)coffee color woolen hound tooth fabric

(recycledwoolenfabricsforwoolenjackets)recycled check dogstooth woolen fabric

(recycledwoolenfabricswithredcheckdesign)small check pied-de-poule woollen fabric

(recycled woolen fabrics with check and hound’s tooth design)

These recycled woolen fabrics are available in one roll each design, can do sample jacket fast.

We can also help clients from sourcing recycled woolen fabrics to shipping garments. If interesting, please contact us.