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woollen fabrics ready goods

— 24 spring latest woollen fabrics

Below is the lates woollen fabrics ready goods, light weigh for spring and autumn season, low wool woolen fabrics, recycled woollen fabrics, ready goods, for fast wool jackets sales.

8820 stripe wool woollen fabric

(ZS-8820recycledwoollenfabrics)17020 recycled solid woolen fabrics

(ZS-17020twillrecycledwoollenfabrics)87070 solid recycled woollen fabric

(ZS-87070recycledwoollenfabrics)R1895 recycled wool woollen fabrics

(ZS-R1895fishbonerecycledwoollenfabrics)S18661-1 pink woollen check fabric

(ZS-S18661pinkcheckwoollenfabric)T18695 check design recycled wool woollen check fabric

(ZS-T18695 recycled woollen fabrics)

Currently, ready goods available, if need sample yardages, please send us a message or contact us