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— 100% pure rabbit hair yarn

There are three major problems for spinning rabbit hair, hair loss, shrinking and pilling! We solved these problems and bring the pure rabbit hair yarn. We developed various colors of pure rabbit hair yarn. Pure rabbit hair yarn can widely used in making double faced rabbit hair fabrics, rabbit hair sweaters, rabbit hair underwear, rabbit hair socks and other pure rabbit hair apparels.

pure rabbit hair yarn in red colors

(100 pure rabbit hair yarn: red colors)

RABBIT HAIR is fine hair of long-haired rabbit, with the characteristic of neat and smooth surface, soft and fluffy hand, and comfortable feel of skin touch. Rabbit hair has hollow structure, 10% smaller proportion and 37% higher warm retention compared with cashmere. There are some free polar groups(such as -NH3) with strong affinity in the rabbit hair chemical structure, offering rabbit hair strong hygroscopicity. The permeability of natural material is excellent. Compared with other products, rabbit hair has unparalleled advantages as textile raw materials, making rabbit hair knitwear market broad prospects.


rabbit hair comparision

(pure rabbit hair vs compare & wool)

Below is the pure rabbit hair scarf made with 100 pure rabbit hair yarn.

pure rabbit hair scarf

(three colors of pure rabbit hair yarn combined scarf) 

Besides the 100 pure rabbit hair yarns, we can also provide the specialized combing and spinning equipments for rabbit hairs.

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